This month, the United States authorized airstrikes in Iraq. Video footage of a journalist’s brutal execution circulated through social media networks. War raged between government forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, and the death toll in Gaza escalated. A policeman fatally shot an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown, whose death incited protests and more violence. About 1,500 people died in one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history. Robin Williams, who usually makes us laugh, took his own life.
This month really, really sucked.
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"Well, this feeling that you’re having right now that ‘I’m supposed to be all things’ is a feeling women have every day and have their whole lives, so you’re just starting to experience it now. Like, how can I be cool and tough and also sweet, and y’know [women] have to deal with all those juxtapositions every day, but I’m glad you’re finally experiencing it as a white male."

One Vine will make you want to stop smoking immediately 

How Much Time Do Students Worldwide Spend In Classrooms? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield is sending you some love from backstage at our Space Oddity show!#spaceoddityoz #natsciweek


Classes are starting back up again and that means thousands of underfunded schools and teachers are in need again.
This weekend, for any donation you make to projects on DonorsChoose.org, a crowdfunding platform for teachers that was featured as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies this year, none other than Bill and Melinda Gates could help your donation go further.
Friday through Sunday, for all projects that raise 50% of their goal, the Gates Foundation will contribute the other half. So, say a $500 project raises $250 in donations—the Gates Foundation will give the other $250 (it will spend up to $1 million dollars). Essentially, it’s a 50%-off clearance sale on doing good.
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This new biodegradable, shape-shifting plastic can fill gaps in a damaged face and act as a scaffold to guide the growth of existing bones. Read more: http://bit.ly/1s3qbCb